"I couldn't imagine a more ideal solution
  than Kishorit"
- Father of a Kishorit member
About Kishorit

Kishorit  is a home for life for adults with special needs in the Western Galilee. It is a supportive community in which its members can live full, independent lives, and can mature and grow old with dignity. 
The Kishorit framework provides the members with employment opportunities, leisure time activities, private living quarters, medical supervision and care, nursing care when necessary and opportunities for integration into the broader community. Most importantly, Kishorit provides the members with a deep sense of social belonging and full membership in a community.

Visitors Center

We welcome you to our new Visitors Center. There, overlooking the vineyards and the beautiful Galilean scenery, you will learn about the process of wine-making, taste Kishor wines, enjoy our organic produce (cheese, yogurt, vegetables) and most importantly - get to know us, the Kishorit members.