Agricultural work is the main kind of employment in Kishorit for two reasons.  First, it is profitable and economically sustainable in the long run.  Second, and most importantly, it provides meaningful work for our members.  Research shows that plants and animals can be helpful therapy tools for people suffering from emotional and physical challenges and, indeed, animal and gardening therapy are well established fields.  Agricultural work is good for adults with special needs because it affords them the opportunity to be in the open air and to connect with plants, animals and the natural world.
Animal therapy has many positive effects.  It offers our members unconditional love, feelings of security and responsibility, and the joy that comes from giving to others.  Animal therapy develops the member’s natural curiosity, sharpens his self awareness and his ability to listen to the needs of others.  It strengthens the members’ self esteem because they are responsible for the health and well being of the animals in their care.



The world of work

Providing productive employment for the Kishorit members is a vital part of the rehabilitation process and a significant step toward independence. 

In order to achieve this goal, Kishorit offers professional training, long term job coaching and opportunities for employment in a wide range of settings – from agriculture to industy, that utilize diverse skill sets and abilities.