In November 2006, the government of Israel passed a resolution to expand Kishorit and establish a neighborhood within Kishorit for adults with special needs from the Arab sector.  The therapeutic philosophy of Alfanara will be similar to that of Kishorit, but will respect Arab cultural sensitivities, language and religious practices.  Kishorit and Alfanara members will work together in Kishorit’s businesses and share many leisure time activities, but the customs and rhythm of communal life in Alfanara will be determined by its Arab members and staff.  The spoken language will be Arabic and the manager of Alfanara will be an Israeli Arab with extensive experience in the field of special needs.
The infrastructure for the community has been laid and the first building – a high school for Jewish and Arab adolescents with mental illness – is complete.  We are now embarking on the next stages of fundraising and building for Alfanara.
On 11.08.2009 the cornerstone of Al-Fanara was laid in the presence of the former President Shimon Peres and Mayor Ron Shany. 

Our Communications Department covered the event:

An interview withthe former President Shimon Peres:

Community Life

Kishorit emphasizes the importance of belonging, of feeling part of something larger than oneself, of strengthening social bonds within the community, of mutual responsibility to the other and unconditional acceptance, of partnership and a sense of self-worth, despite our differences. 

The adults who live in Kishorit are not called “patients” or “clients,” but rather “members,” full partners in the community.