In the Kishorit bakery, the members bake whole grain bread, cake, cookies, granola and all of the baked goods required by the community.  Working with their hands, kneading the dough and producing a delicious finished product that earns the praise and positive feedback of other community members is extremely therapeutic for our members.  The intimate setting of the bakery provides employment for some of our most challenging members, adults who suffer from extreme mood swings and require close supervision.
The bakery is overseen by professional baker Amir Tsalel.  Amir is assisted by Nir Yaron, a Kishorit member. Nir, who works at the bakery from day one, completed a professional pastry chef course and considered as our pastry "expert". 

The bakery produces a wide range of baked goods, including whole grain bread (with seeds, craisins, nuts, olives, dates, sun-dried tomatoes and basil), braided challah, rolls, baguettes, focaccia, cookies (butter, nuts, chocolate chips, brownies, muffins, sugar-free cookies with almonds, biscotti), birthday cakes and granola.  In honor of special holidays, the bakery produces traditional foods such as hamentaschen, doughnuts, and other delicacies.
In the future, we aim to expand the range of products and increase production so that the surplus can be sold in a health food store in Kishorit that will sell our baked goods, organic milk and dairy products, organic fruit and vegetables.  We hope that this store will generate a revenue stream that will cover our expenses and will also create additional opportunities for contact between Kishorit and our neighbors.