Communication Center

KishoriTV is the only communications center in the world that is operated by adults with special needs.  Founded in 2005, KishoriTV offers some of Kishorit’s most capable members the chance to do creative, challenging, dynamic work in the field of communications.  KishoriTV affords members the opportunity to tell their own stories, in their own voices and from their own perspectives.
KishoriTV produces a 30 minute television program that is broadcast on mainstream Israeli television (on the community channel, 98).  A new show is produced monthly and broadcast 3 times each week.  Old episodes are then uploaded to the Kishorit Youtube channel.  The communications center is well equipped with professional cameras, video equipment, three editing rooms and a mobile unit that allows us to document cultural and social events around the village.  The members are involved of every aspect of the production process.  With the guidance of professional staff, the members write the stories, conduct interviews, film, edit, produce and present the final show. 
In addition to the monthly KishoriTV show, the Communications Center produces promotional films for private customers such as Rambam hospital, the Mazra Mental Health Center, Colibri (a subsidiary company of Iscar), Vargos, Chanita metals, the Jewish Agency, Partnership 2000, the City of Carmiel municipality, and more.
The members who work in the Communications Center are also responsible for producing the annual Kishorit newspaper “B’tocheinu,” “In Our Midst,” before Rosh Hashana.  The newspaper includes stories, poetry, pictures and feature articles about community activities. It is written, edited and produced by the members of Kishorit in conjunction with the staff and it provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride to our members.
The Communications Center is directed by Israel Eshel, a professional with 30 years of experience in the field of film production, screenplay writing, directing and managing multi-media projects.