Dog Kennel

Kishorit has a dog breeding kennel that specializes in breeding miniature schnauzers that are sold throughout Israel and Europe.  The dogs have an exceptional bloodline and papers, have won hundreds of championships, and some have even become European champions.
The Kishorit kennel also offers boarding services, including veterinary supervision, for dogs whose owners are away.  The large, spacious pens are heated in the winter, and the Kishorit members walk the dogs and give them time to run and play on a central green.  In addition, Kishorit offers a “doggie old age home” for elderly dogs whose owners can no longer care for them, dog grooming, and an educational center that teaches about dog breeding, training, and therapy dogs.
The Kishorit kennel is one of the most important and beloved employment centers in Kishorit.  Research has shown that dog ownership, and connection with animals in general, contributes positively to a person’s physical and mental health.  Child psychiatrist, Boris Levinson, showed how having a pet dog can help children with behavioral problems.  The children succeed in developing a spontaneous connection with the dogs and were then able to transfer this connection to their families and other people. 
The same pattern is seen in adults with special needs.  Dog ownership helps them to develop social connections with people around them.  We believe that a connection to animals, and dogs in particular, offers many therapeutic benefits for people with special needs.  The dogs provide friendship, physical touch, love, attention, understanding, reduced stress levels, and a reduction in feelings of disappointment, frustration, and loneliness. 
When researching employment centers for Kishorit, we understood that there was an excellent fit between our population and a dog breeding kennel.  In searching for the right breed, we chose schnauzers and dachshunds because they are small, have good physical health, can offer love and be loved, and are very loyal, “one-man dogs” that also love the whole family.
The kennel is managed by professional manager, Kitty Gillos, originally a Dutch milkmaid, who has raised boxer dogs for many years.

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