Free-range Farm

Free range eggs are eggs from chickens that are raised organically, fed organic food, not given antibiotics (which then are transmitted to the eggs,) and are able to wander freely in a large, open area.
Working in the free range egg farm is an important therapeutic-rehabilitative activity for the members.  Feeding the chickens, and collecting, counting and cleaning the eggs gives the members an opportunity to connect with the natural world and practice important fine motor and cognitive skills.  Gathering and packing the eggs – gently, carefully and patiently – and transporting them to the customer, helps the members develop a sense of patience and responsibility.
The chicken coop is a 70 meter area.  We produce 500,000 eggs annually that are used in the Kishorit kitchen and sold to a local wholesaler.  The egg farm is overseen by Tomer Gafni and the cleaning and packaging of the eggs is supervised by Yashar Amzelg, professional manager of the plastics and recycling department.