Goat Dairy

The local Galilean climate makes Kishorit an ideal location for a  dairy.  The herd consists of more than 1000 goats which produce approximately  500,000 liters of goat milk annually, making Kishorit one of the leading producers of  goat milk in Israel.  The dairy provides daily employment for 8 members of Kishorit, under the supervision of Yoav Kedar, a professional herd manager, and staff.  The members find it very therapeutic to work with the goats.  They learn about caring for others, hygiene, and nutrition through their work with the herd.
To respond to the increasing demand for  goat cheese and dairy products in Israel, Kishorit built a cheese making factory that provides work for 5 additional Kishorit members.  The factory produces a wide range of high quality, boutique cheeses including Tzfatit, Feta, Tom, Croutan (like Camembert), exclusive Kishor cheese, as well as a wide range of yogurts.  The cheese factory is 140 square meters, and includes a storage area, a pasteurization room, refrigerators, and a packaging area.  The cheese factory is managed by professional cheese-maker, Idan Weisman.  The cheese is eaten by the members of Kishorit and, in the near future, will be marketed to gourmet eateries.  The dairy and cheese factory provide our members with the healthiest possible food, while serving as a significant source of income for the community.