Organic Garden

Kishorit encourages its members to live a healthy lifestyle and to care for the environment.  As such, we practice organic agriculture that does not use chemical pesticides.  This enables us to provide our members with the healthiest possible food, without harmful by-products, chemical pesticides or antibiotics.  The vegetables in Kishorit are raised according to the highest standards in the organic market.  We sometimes use biological pesticides, but even these are kept to a minimum.  In actual practice, most of the produce grown in Kishorit is never sprayed or treated with any kind of pesticide, not even once, and are completely clean and fresh when they are picked.
Several years ago, the community planted a 4.5 dunam organic garden.  Today, the garden sits on almost 15 dunam and includes an open air garden as well as four covered greenhouses where sprouts and a wide range of vegetables are grown year round.
The garden provides employment for 15 Kishorit members and supplies almost all of the daily vegetable needs of Kishorit.  The seasonal greens and sprouts are sold internally in our village mini-market and we hope to expand our sales and revenue by introducing the produce to the free market in the near future. 
We also have an 'edible forest' in Kishorit.
A mixed fruit orchard of more than 300 trees and bushes of all varieties is being planted between the volunteers’ housing quarters and the winery, in close proximity to Kishorit's residential neighborhoods.  The garden will be carefully planned to ensure that trees are flowering and fruiting year-round.  Seasonal gardens will be organized and marked.  Footpaths and seating areas will enable members and visitors to wander through the orchard, taste the fruit and enjoy the orchard’s beauty.
This orchard will provide employment for our members, fruit for the Kishorit kitchen, revenue for Kishorit through the sale of organic fruit to the general market, shade and beauty.  It will reduce erosion, improve air quality and increase the quality of life of all who enjoy it. 

The garden is supervised by Tomer Gafni and Eliran De-Mayo, an expert in organic farming.

The Garden: