Pastel Toys was one of Kishorit's first and best-known businesses.  The Pastel Toys brand was known as a mark of quality in Israel and around the world, but market competition from China forced the company's closure in 2014.

The Pastel Toys factory produced and marketed beautiful wooden toys for children of all ages.  The toys’ classic design was a throwback to a simpler, more wholesome time.  The soft, pastel colors lent a magical, romantic, calm air and reflected the values of Kishorit: naturalness, simplicity, sharing and humanity.
The beauty of the toys was due to their outstanding quality and simple design.  They stood up to thousands of hours of play and became family heirlooms, passed down to children and grandchildren.  Pastel Toys produced a wide range of products including, animals on wheels, building blocks, rocking horses, walkers, doll carriages, doll houses and more.
The factory employed many members of Kishorit who worked under the careful supervision of a few professional carpenters.  The members were full partners in the entire production process, with each member taking responsibility for tasks that suited his or her abilities.  The members operated the machinery, cut out the wooden shapes and painted each piece.  Members assembled the toys, shrink wrapped them for shipping, and delivered them to the stores.  Members could work alone or in groups, doing varied, creative work or more repetitive tasks.  The work developed the members’ concentration, fine motor skills, ability to follow through on a task and decision making.  It afforded members a sense of tremendous pride, self worth and belonging.
Pastel Toys products were one of the leading quality brands of wooden toys in Israel.  They were distributed in stores throughout Israel and were shipped internationally.  

The story of 'PastelToys':