Plastic and Recycling Center

The plastic and recycling center is a multi-purpose employment center that provides productive work for approximately 40 Kishorit members.  The members who work in the recycling center typically choose that site because they can work while sitting, in comfortable physical conditions, and because the repetitive, routine work offers them a sense of emotional calm and security.
The work done in the recycling center is varied and includes preparing packages of plastic goods for “Yiscar,” sorting and packaging screws and hardware for “Trellidor,” sorting, cleaning and packaging the organic eggs collected from Kishorit’s free-range egg farm, and creating unique, hand-made, bags from recycled newspapers that are sold to gift shops, liquor and clothing stores throughout Israel.  The bags have generated a great deal of interest and we have received incredibly positive feedback about them.  Each bag has a sticker that tells the story of Kishorit and shares our message of environmental sustainability and employment for people with special needs.
In the words of professional manager, Yashar Amzaleg, “the more work we have to do, the more that everyone is engaged in activity, the better the atmosphere, and the calmer the emotional states of the members.”  Yashar has been supervising the recycling center for more than a decade with endless patience and personal warmth, and an unparalleled ability to give and listen to the members.