Therapeutic Riding Stable

The therapeutic stable at Kishorit plays an important role in the rehabilitation of the Kishorit members.  7 Kishorit members work in the stable which is managed by Eli Jablinowitz.  Currently, the stable has 8 horses, some of which belong to Kishorit and some of which belong to others, but are stabled at Kishorit and cared for by the Kishorit members.  The stable offers therapeutic riding lessons for the Kishorit members, the students of the Ziv Kishorit Democratic High School, and for members of the wider community.
Equine Assisted Therapy has been proven to improve self confidence and feelings of independence, increases self awareness vis-à-vis one’s self and one’s environment, improves communication, teaches the rider to deal with frustration, and develops gross motor skills, coordination and balance.  Riding requires the rider to respect authority, follow rules, be assertive, be empathetic and develop trust.
In Kishorit, therapeutic riding is used to treat people who have difficulty communicating and connecting with others, such as those diagnosed with autism or cognitive impairments, those who have experienced major traumas, those suffering from psychiatric disorders, and ADHD.

the stable is running by Eli Jablinowitz:  04-9085304/ 058-7744112

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