Vineyard & Winery

During the summer of 2007, the kibbutz planted its first vineyard with the goal of producing excellent boutique wine for the outside market. In the summer of 2010 (after the grapes had passed the three year status of arlah according to the Jewish agricultural laws of the Land of Israel), we harvested our first harvest and inaugurated the new winery.  Since then, our wine has been sold in stores, high-end restaurants, to companies and private suppliers. 

The vineyard is located at an altitude of 500 m, on the south –west slopes of the Tefen heights approx. 20 km from the Mediterranean sea, the vineyards enjoy the benefits of a distinctive micro-climate in that traditionally Israeli hot summer days are cooled by a constant sea breeze and appreciably cooler nights .
The soils are deep terra-cotta with limestone deposits, which together with the unique climatic conditions helps us in the production of quality grapes.
We cultivate the vines using environmentally friendly production techniques –controlled pest and weed eradication using chemicals only when necessary and carefully monitored.
Today, we have 100 dunam of vineyards that are cared for by the members of Kishorit, under the supervision of expert wine consultant, Itay Lahat, vineyard manager, Richard Davis, and the village staff.
5 Kishorit members work in the vineyard and winery on a regular basis, with dozens of additional members joining the team during planting, harvest and bottling seasons.  The members take great pride in the wine-making process and feel a profound sense of accomplishment when they see the finished product being sold, knowing that it is literally the fruit of their labor. 
The Kishor winery currently sells 7 types of wine: Kerem Kishor Dry Red, Kerem Kishor Dry White, Kerem Kishor Syrah, Kerem Kishor Rose, Kishor Savant Dry Red, Kishor Savant Dry White, and Kishor Savant Semi-Sweet Riesling.  

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