Kibbutz Kishor and Kishorit

Kibbutz Kishor was founded by the Shomer Hatza’ir youth movement in the late 1970s.  After a number of unsuccessful attempts to settle the isolated, rocky mountain-ridge, the kibbutz was abandoned.  In 1997, after lengthy negotiations with the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Kibbutz movement, Kishorit was founded, by Yael Shilo and Shuki Levinger, on the land of the former Kibbutz Kishor.
Today, Kibbutz Kishor is experiencing a complete revival as nearly 80 mainstream kibbutz members have begun to build their homes alongside the Kishorit members.  The members of the rejuvenated Kibbutz Kishor and the members of Kishorit will enjoy a fully integrated community, with private residential areas and shared public spaces, celebrations, work, social activities and communal life.  Kishor and Kishorit are championing a revolutionary model of rehabilitation and inclusion of people with special needs into the community.
The idea for the integrated community stems from the holistic vision of Kishorit’s founders.  We believe in a supportive, integrated community that provides for the separate, individual and unique needs of each group, but encourages inclusion wherever and whenever it is possible and beneficial.


report about the kibbutz in the 80s - its unique ideology and its agriculture, as it was broadcast on the TV show 'A New Evening with Rafi Reshef':



Kishorit was established in 1997 by a group of parents and professionals on the land of the abandoned Kibbutz Kishor. Kishorit adopts much of its therapeutic and rehabilitative philosophy from the Israeli kibbutz movement. 

Life in Kishorit is driven by the principal that “each contributes to the community according to his ability and takes from the community according to his need”.