Leisure Time

Leisure Time, Courses and Art

Much attention is paid at Kishorit to leisure time and social and educational activities. The guiding principle of the leisure activities of Kishorit members is to create a wide and high-quality range of activities, which provide an answer to the personal needs and desires of each and every member.
The cultural coordinator and the evening staff are responsible for providing interesting content for members in the afternoons, evenings, weekends and holidays.
The leisure activity of Kishorit members is of course not limited to the area of the village, and many members spend some of their leisure time in other communities. However, there is a large variety of activities and leisure centers within the village itself: a social club, synagogue, pub, gym and pool, mikveh, second-hand shop, computer room, TV room, and more. So even those who rarely participate in cultural activities in the surrounding communities or independently can find a place for gathering and social activities that is appropriate to his or her temperament and taste, within the village itself.
We run a wide and high-quality variety of courses and activities, including all sports (basketball, football, Newcomb ball, tennis, swimming, running, yoga, etc.).
The village members participate in regional and national leagues and competitions in these sports.

There are also a selection of courses in the fields of arts (music and singing, painting, dance, theater, creative writing, etc.), and in various fields of learning (current affairs, geography, nature, and others).

Some of these courses are taught by professional instructors who are experienced and recognized professionals in their various fields. Additional courses are led by members of the volunteer group who stay at Kishorit for a year as part of a year of service before their enlistment, and by the evening staff instructors.
On Fridays, a prayer service and Kabbalat Shabbat are held in the synagogue with a rabbi who lives in Kishor. Later in the evening, there is an activity with contemporary music and dancing. This offers activities for both Sabbath-keeping members and non-Sabbath-keeping members.
Every weekend, the team of instructors runs an ever changing activity program, which is advertised on the bulletin boards, and includes creative activities, music, etc. Once a month, the whole volunteer group stays in Kishorit and holds wide and diverse activities for members.

The Jewish holidays are celebrated every year at Kishorit with well executed and attended events. During these holidays (especially on Shavuot, Tu BiShvat and Hanukkah) in the village musical ensembles play, sing, and dance, and members participate and are able to invite outside guests.
Kishorit publishes an annual newspaper produced by members and employees of Kishorit that deals with a variety of topics. There is an internal TV show that changes weekly and TV programs that are produced several times a year with in-depth stories on various topics created by Kishorit’s media industry. They can be enjoyed on Channel 89.
Kishorit members who are interested in this can enroll in an academic study program at the Western Galilee College, as part of an intensive study day once a week.
Kishorit organizes trips for all members, including a multi-day vacation that takes place once every two years, and there are also many trips, tours and outings for smaller groups of members according to specific interests.
In addition to all this regular activity, there are varying one-time activities with a variety of guests: lectures, performances, workshops, concerts, screenings, and the like.

Healthy Lifestyle

Many of Kishorit’s members suffer from weight problems. This problem is more pronounced among adults with functional difficulties, due in part to a low level of physical activity, poor self-discipline and the effect of medication. This, combined with various organic damage, causes many members to suffer from chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, blood lipids, liver function problems and asthma. Therefore special attention must be given to ensure that the lifestyle, nutrition and environment support their health and reduce the effect of toxins, infections and tension factors.

Physical Activity

Built-in and supervised physical activity is an important step in achieving the goal of a healthy lifestyle. The goal is that physical activity, in its various aspects, will be a central focus of daily activity for members in the village. The team encourages members to use the on-site gym and pool, and engage in sports and movement activities such as courses, leagues, competitions, and personal and team training.

The Kishorit population is largely characterized by a very low level of motivation, challenges in relation to prolonged attention and functional continuity, and a low level of perseverance when it comes to long-term commitment, so the understanding is that emphasis should be placed on increasing members’ motivation.

The entire staff (and certainly the gym staff) takes part in running a healthy lifestyle and exercise program, and sets personal examples serving as role models, support and encouragement for members. The importance of physical activity is explained to members frequently and they receive positive feedback throughout their entire workout. The gym and pool complex is an inviting place for the members to go and a pleasant space for them to exercise in. The gym is equipped with professional and modern fitness equipment, and first and foremost, the staff gives personal attention to each and every member.

A personal training program is built for each member, which is kept in an orderly personal file in the gym. The goals of the program are realistic and gradual for the member to execute and improve. Each member is assigned a monthly task that he or she will strive to accomplish by the end of that month. In addition to the written plan, there is also a personal attendance follow-up to track progress.

Environmental Protection

Kishorit aims to exist as a sustainable independent community and invests much effort in environmentally friendly organic farming and vocational training.
The goal is to gradually become an ecological kibbutz, while avoiding the use of fertilizers and pesticides, using locally produced compost at Kishorit for gardening and agricultural purposes, and purifying sewage water for reuse.