Nursing Facility

Kishorit is a home for life for its members.  Therefore, on the premises there is a nursing facility that provides a solution within the communal framework for members who are sick or elderly. 
The nursing home services three types of members:
1. Elderly members who are experiencing dementia:  Often, due to their disabilities and the side effects of medications, people with special needs age sooner than their counterparts in the general population.  This stage of life requires round the clock supervision and nursing care due to their lack of awareness of time and location.
2. Members who need short-term psychiatric hospitalization: Some of our members occasionally experience psychiatric breakdowns that require hospitalization.  Hospitalizing someone outside of the community in a psychiatric hospital exacts a large toll, disrupts the rhythm of life and sets back the rehabilitation process.  Hospitalizing a member in the nursing facility within Kishorit, makes it possible for the member to be surrounded by friends and familiar, supportive, staff members, reduces the emotional challenges for the member, eliminates the need for a transitional period, and enables the staff to continue the rehabilitation process.
3. Members who experience a short-term physical illness that requires 24 hour nursing care: When a member is diagnosed with a life-threatening or chronic illness, he can receive round the clock nursing care as required by his condition.  Even members who have short-term illnesses, such as the flu or a virus, are welcome to move into the nursing facility until they have recovered and are ready to return to their own homes.

A sense of calm

A great deal of attention is paid to the aesthetic quality of the village, both inside the buildings and homes, and the outside landscaping. 

A pleasant sense of calm pervades the village and it has a welcome affect on the health and well-being of the members and staff.