Our Industries

Kishorit has over the years established a variety of employment industries in the fields of agriculture, crafts, manufacturing and service, which provide the members with productive and meaningful workplaces. With the understanding that different people have different interests, abilities and inclinations, our goal at Kishorit is to allow members to choose from a wide range of areas so that they can integrate into work that suits them best.

The industries are considered based on four main principles: the profitability of the industry or its necessity as a service industry, the therapeutic-rehabilitative contribution to members, creating a hierarchy of jobs in the industry that differ in their complexity out of an aspiration to enable each member to find his or her place, and the ability to create a high-quality product that can compete on the market. In each industry, in addition to the members, there is also an outside paid professional who is responsible for the industry and the volunteers.

The agricultural products provide local produce for Kishorit members, and are also sold and marketed to the general public. For detailed information about the marketed products, visit the Our Products tab.



Kishorit, as a community based on the principles of a kibbutz, provides its members with various infrastructure and services, and the members take part in their day-to-day operations. Each service branch is also a workplace for a group of members.

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Kitchen and Dining Room
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Succulent Greenhouse

A top view of various types of succulents surrounding a stone and gravel. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Cheese production

Cheese at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Farmers Market on May 26, 2017. USDA Photo by Meredyth H. von Seelen. Original public domain image from Flickr