Our Story

Kishorit is the product of the vision of Yael Shilo and Yehoshua (Shuki) Levinger, who worked to establish it until the dream came true: a suitable physical location with potential for development was found, the support of the authorities for the establishment of the village was obtained, and close and ongoing cooperation was forged with the association of the village members’ families. Yael and Shuki serve as chairwoman and CEO of the village, respectively, and work side-by-side with one hundred and fifty staff members, who Kishorit members can turn to daily in all areas of life, in full coordination with the association of the families. Kishorit is part of the mixed-model Kibbutz Kishor, which is being revitalized in partnership with Kishorit. The idea of the mixed-model kibbutz is a community built of several parts, each with different characteristics and a separate form of organization, which function together as a whole.

Kishorit was founded in 1997 on the land of Kibbutz Kishor, which was abandoned by its residents. In the decades since, it has become a vibrant, developing and growing Galilean community. Today, it is home to one hundred and eighty people with a variety of abilities, talents and passions who have developmental, emotional and mental health conditions and are defined as adults with special needs.