Kishorit is home to 160 members. There are 175 paid employees and up to 20 volunteers annually who dedicate a year of their lives to volunteering at Kishorit before enlisting in the army.

In keeping with Kishorit’s holistic therapeutic approach, many different staff members are in personal contact with the members throughout the day.  The social work staff, the housekeeping staff, the maintenance staff, the dining room staff, the volunteers, and the managers, are all an inextricable part of life in the village.  Everyone eats with the members in the dining room, works with them throughout the day, celebrates holidays and events together, establishes social connections, and includes them in all aspects of daily life.

The Social Work Staff
The professional social work staff is the backbone of the members’ support system at Kishorit.  Each case worker guides the members for whom s/he is responsible and is in constant personal contact with each of them.  In addition to a personal weekly meeting, the social worker conducts informal conversations with each of her members as part of the daily routine.  The door of the social worker is always open to the members and the members can visit, talk and consult whenever necessary.
The social work staff is also in constant touch with everyone who comes into contact with the member: the job coaches, the “house mother,” family members (social workers assist with family dynamics and meet with family members as required), and the medical staff including the clinic nurse, the family doctor, the dentist and the Kishorit psychiatrist.
The senior social worker conducts a daily staff meeting every morning for all relevant staff members and management.  Every member is reviewed and challenges are discussed. These meetings serve to update and provide mutual support and guidance.  A second update meeting is held in the afternoon when the night staff takes over.

The Night Staff
The “night staff” arrives in the late afternoon, and after receiving an update of the day’s events, they become the people to whom the members turn to help them solve problems that arise while the day-staff is absent.  The “night staff” is responsible, together with the members, for planning many of the leisure time activities that take place as a complement to the members’ work schedules.
The House Staff
The Housekeeping staff helps the members maintain their personal living areas.  Aside from helping with cleaning and tidying the homes, the housekeeping staff also consults with the members on issues of personal hygiene, assists with organizing their personal closets, helps them acquire skills of daily living and provides a listening ear to the members.
The Dining Room and Kitchen Staff
The kitchen and dining room are the heart of the village.  Three times daily, all of the members and staff meet for communal meals, just like in the kibbutzim of old.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the members to meet whom they want, to sit next to whom they choose, to develop relationships, to “take care of issues,” to chat, to ask, to clarify, and most of all, to feel a sense of belonging.
The Management
From the administrative assistants to the bookkeepers, from the fundraisers to the CEO and Chairwoman, everyone has an “open door” policy to all of the members of Kishorit.  The managers know each member personally and have a warm and open rapport with them.

The Volunteers

Each year, approximately 20 young Israeli volunteers join the Kishorit family for a year as part of a year of “service learning” before beginning their army service.

The volunteers provide mainstream friends and role models, enrich the members’ lives with laughter, joy, young energy, motivation and practical help.