Our Products

Kishorit operates a number of businesses that produce high quality agricultural products including organic vegetables, organic free-range eggs, goat cheese, bread, wine and more. Many of our products are used in the Kishorit kitchen and surplus products are sold in the free market.  As the primary goal of the businesses is to provide sustained employment for our members, it is important to us that they be financially stable and viable for the long run.
Once a week, the Kishorit mini-market opens its doors to the general public  (Thursdays from 1:30p.m. – 4:30p.m.)  People are also welcome to visit our winery’s Visitors Center, to taste and purchase Kishor wine and other products.  Visitors Center Hours (Advance reservations required): Sunday – Thursday, 10:00a.m.– 3:00p.m., Friday, 10:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.
We invite you to enjoy some of our products:

Goats’ Milk, Cheese and Yogurt

The Galilee’s climate makes it an ideal place to operate a goat dairy.  The current herd includes 1200 goats (including 700 that are milked), and produces approximately 500,000 liters of goat milk annually, making Kishorit one of the leading producers of  goat milk in Israel.  
In response to the growing demand for milk and dairy products from non-industrial sources, Kishorit established a goat cheese factory.  The cheese factory produces a wide range of high quality boutique cheese (Tzfatit, feta, Tom, Camembert, cream cheese, and others) as well as plain and naturally fruit flavored yogurt.
The cheese factory is well equipped with pasteurization equipment, refrigerators, storage and packaging facilities.  The dairy products are currently used in the Kishorit kitchen and we plan to sell them at gourmet eateries in the future.  Our dairy products are for sale in our Visitors Center.

Organic Vegetables

Several years ago, the community planted a 4.5 dunam organic garden.  Today, the garden sits on almost 15 dunam and includes an open air garden as well as four covered greenhouses where sprouts and a wide range of vegetables are grown year round.
The garden supplies almost all of the daily vegetable needs of Kishorit.  The seasonal greens and sprouts are sold internally in our village mini-market and also in the free market.  

Bread, Cakes, Cookies and Baked Goods

The Kishorit bakery produces a wide range of baked goods including whole grain bread (rye, seeds, craisins, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, basil), challah, rolls, baguettes, cake, cookies (butter, nuts, chocolate chips, brownies, sugar-free, biscotti, and more) and granola.  Before holidays and special events, the bakery prepares traditional foods such as hamentaschen for Purim and jelly doughnuts for Hannukah.
Our baked goods are available for sale in the visitors center.

Kishor Wine

During the summer of 2007, we planted our first vineyards with the ultimate goal of producing a boutique wine for the free market.  After three years, during the summer of 2010, we celebrated our first harvest and dedicated the winery.
In our first year, we bottled 9000 bottles of wine.  Since then our production line has grown steadily, and we expect to build up to almost 55,000 bottles annually once all of our vineyards have matured.
Today, we have 80 dunam of vineyards that are cared for by the Kishorit members, under the tutelage of professional consultants and Kishorit staff.   
We currently market two wine series: 1) Kerem Kishor which includes Kishor Dry White, Kishor Rose, Kishor Syrah and Kishor Dry Red; and 2) Kishor Savant which includes a Dry Red, a Dry White and a semi-sweet Riesling.
Kishor wine is sold in more than 70 retail outlets, liquor stores and high end restaurants in Israel.
The professional manager of the winery is Richard Davis.  Mr. Davis has tremendous knowledge and experience in the field of agricultural management in three different countries.  Itay Lahat, a world-class oenologist is our wine consultant.
For additional information about Kishor wine or scheduling a tour of our winery’s Visitors’ Center, please contact Yair Una at 972-4-908-5198 or 972-52-8701279.  You can purchase our wine through the Kishor Winery’s webpage.  

Link to Facebook
Link to website https://kishor-winery.co.il
The wine is available in the US at www.israeliwinedirect.com

Boarding Kennel and Nursing Home for Dogs

Kishorit boasts a world-renowned breeding kennel that breeds champion miniature schnauzers and dachshunds.  The kennel  is guided by a veterinarian and  produces pedigree dogs that have won hundreds of championships in both Israel and Europe, including the European championship.
The kennel also functions as a boarding kennel for guest dogs.  Each individual enclosure is tiled and equipped with a heat lamp for warmth during the winter.  The dogs are able to run freely in a large grassy area.  The boarding kennel houses a “doggy nursing home” where elderly dogs are cared for when their owners can no longer care for them, offers dog grooming, and conducts dog training and animal therapy. 

The kennel is overseen by professional manager Kitty Gilles, originally a Dutch milkmaid, who has raised boxers for many years.
For additional information about purchasing dogs or the kennel’s other services, please call Kitty at 972-4-9085224 or 972-52-790-5702 or visit our website.

Link to the website

Equine Assisted Therapy and Stable

The therapeutic riding stable in Kishorit is an important part of the members’ rehabilitative process.  7 members work in the stable with 8 horses, half of which belong to Kishorit and half of which are owned by others and stabled at Kishorit.  The stable offers therapeutic riding lessons to the Kishorit members, Ziv Kishorit high school students, and people from the wider public.

 The stable is directed by Ms. Judy Kaye, a 30 year veteran in the field of equine assisted therapy.  To schedule a therapeutic riding lesson or for more information about stabling your horse, please call Nadav Golan at: 9724-908-5304 / 972-52-8011425 or write to - nadavgolan14@gmail.com
you can find us on facebook or on kishorit's stable web site  

Visiting the Petting Zoo and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

The Kishorit petting zoo is home to a wide range of wild animals, songbirds, birds of prey, reptiles and small mammals. 
The petting zoo partners with the Israel Nature Authority and the veterinary hospital of the Ramat Gan Safari.  The petting zoo has expanded to become a wildlife rehabilitation center where sick and injured animals are brought to be rehabilitated.  The members nurse the animals back to health and then re-release them into the wild.  The animals that cannot be released into the wild are kept and cared for in Kishorit.
The petting zoo is open to the general public and local school students, but appointments must be made in advance.  To schedule a visit, please call Danny Or-Fox: 972-4-908-5370 or 972-52-3353309.


Video Production and Multi-Media Services

The Kishorit Communications Center produces professional promotional videos for customers outside of Kishorit.  We also produce great videos and slide shows for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and can transfer old movies to DVD.
For more information, please call Israel Eshel at 972-4-908-5270 or 972-52-8277775.

Environmentally Friendly Gift Bags

Our plastics and recycling center produce hand-made gift bags out of recycled newspapers.  The bags are very strong and have been ordered by stores and private individuals to hold a range of items.  Bags are available in different sizes and each bag is adorned with a Kishorit sticker that tells the recipient about the bag’s source. 
To order bags for your business or private use, please call: 972-4-908-5236.

Touring our Visitors’ Center

Take a special tour of our  Visitors Center!  You will tour our winery, learn about the process of wine-making in Kishorit, watch a film about our special kibbutz, and of course, taste our award-winning Kishor wines.  The Visitors’ Center overlooks one of our vineyards and the beautiful Galilean forest. 
In the Visitors Center you can purchase Kishor wine as well as our other organic produce: a wide range of hard and soft goat cheeses, goat’s milk yogurt, whole grain bread, cookies and other baked goods from our bakery.
To schedule a tour of our Visitors’ Center, please call Yair Una: 972-4-9085198, 972-52-870-1279.
Opening hours (Advance reservations required): Sunday - Thursday 10am-3pm, Friday 10am to 2pm.

Plans for the future

Olive Oil
In 2013 we planted an organic olive orchard of almost 200 trees.  The orchard has three different varieties of olives.  When the trees mature, we intend to harvest the fruit and press our own organic olive oil.  The oil will be used in the Kishorit kitchen and sold to the general public in 2017.
The Kishorit members prepared the ground, planted the trees and are involved in their ongoing care.  In the future, they will take part in the annual harvest and will work in the oil press.
Organic, Free-Range Eggs
Organic, free range eggs are laid by chickens that live in a large, open area, are fed natural feed and are not treated with antibiotics. 
Kishorit’s free range egg farm produces 500,000 eggs annually, some of which are used in the Kishorit kitchen, and most of which are sold to the general market.  Our goal is to increase our quota to 550,000 eggs annually.  The Kishorit members gather, clean, count and package the eggs for sale.

Contact Us

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