Each year, approximately 20 young Israeli volunteers join the Kishorit family for a year as part of a year of “service learning” before beginning their army service ("Shinshinim"). In a short period of time, these volunteers become full participants in village life, weaving close social relationships with the members, conducting activities, and serving as personal coaches and tutors. The volunteers provide mainstream friends and role models, enrich the members’ lives with laughter, joy, young energy, motivation and practical help. And, as the volunteers themselves attest, the enrichment goes two ways – the year in Kishorit is a life-changing experience for them.

In May 2013 we celebrated a decade of the volunteerism project at Kishorit. Volunteers of all over the years came to Kishorit and celebrated the occasion - and also Shavuot - with us.

You are invited to watch a video prepared by June Finkelstein (ex-shinshin) for the occasion:

And now - to the main program: the amazing Shinshinim of 2013 produced a three-part video which was screened during the event.

You are welcome to watch: 

part A - "Tour of the village". click here
part B - "Coffee break". click here.
part C - "Good to see you home". click here



Kishorit is a home for life, a warm and nurturing home where the members can live for the rest of their lives. 

They celebrate happy occasions together, share experiences, face difficulties and struggle with common challenges.