Ziv Kishorit School

The role and mission of the Ziv Kishorit School is to provide a professional and high-quality solution for all of the students in the Galilee region who face mental health challenges and require a special education school.

The School’s vision

The growth and development of the students into mature, independent, integrated, contributing and functioning people, in their personal lives, family, community and society. We place an emphasis on personal growth for each student, while encouraging them to expand their abilities in all areas of life and with respect for their choices.

In order to fulfill our vision, we work in a democratic spirit and on all levels –

On the educational level– learning in small multi-age groups, individual study programs based on personal choice, providing the opportunity to accumulate matriculation units, a learning center that provides a solution for all levels.

On the counseling / educational level – personal support and guidance on the individual and group level for students and teachers, as well as multi-year programs on the school level. Emphasis is placed on interpersonal dialogue and communication.

On the social / values level – rich social activity with an emphasis on community meetings, beneficial interpersonal communication, trips, class meetings.

On the mental health level – regular weekly therapy for each student with an expressive therapist and/or in group therapy. Professional guidance and support for our team of therapists and educators by a rehabilitative psychologist.

On the functional level – developing the ability to function and self-manage through individual therapy and group work run by occupational therapists.

We work continuously, while learning and innovating, to provide our students with the appropriate tools to build themselves up along the way and to give each student who joins us a chance for success, according to the goals and objectives they have chosen for themselves!