Kitchen and Dining Room

Kishorit’s kitchen, which is responsible for the village’s daily meals and for special event meals, is built and operates in accordance with the kibbutz style. Meals are held in a common dining room for members, staff and volunteers, who eat together at regular hours, three meals a day. Members who do not want to eat in the dining room can eat some or all of the meals in their apartment, which has a personal kitchenette.

The menu meets the variety of medical needs and personal tastes, and consists of, among other things, the organic crops grown in the Kishorit fields, the products made from the key industries and the baked goods from village bakery. The menu also includes the option of vegetarian, low-calorie and sugar-free food. The kitchen avoids the use of processed foods, soup powders and food coloring. The members receive dietary advice and a group course is held for those watching their weight.

The kitchen and dining room are one of the employment industries for the members, which work shifts according to meal times, and engage in a variety of roles and tasks, each according to their own abilities and limitations: arranging the table, arranging tablecloths and flowers on the tables (a vase of fresh flowers is placed on each table every day), serving to tables, cleaning and washing dishes, and helping the chef prepare the food. In addition, paid employees are employed in the kitchen.

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