Kishorit members travel for leisure and errands as they wish. Members enter and exit Kishorit frequently, while notifying the relevant party and updating them regarding their return time.

In addition to the public transportation that exists between Kishorit and the surrounding communities several times a day, there is also a bus and minibus owned by the village, so that organized trips are possible for performances and trips around the country. Roundtrip transportation to Karmiel (the nearby city), Acco and other surrounding towns are available, several times per day. Shuttles to Haifa and Tel Aviv also depart on Thursdays once a month and return on Sundays.

Members who are completely independent use these means of transportation as a replacement for a private car. For others, it is an option to join in spending time together with more independent people. For example, someone who wants to go to a movie or a cafe in Karmiel can do so alone or accompany others.

Several members of the village even have a driver’s license and a private car.

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